Rany's Kitchen

From our Afternoon Tea event: handcrafted teas, Blueberry Jam Cake, Berry Trifle, and Cake Pops!


Rany’s Kitchen is a small SoCal Food Event company dedicated to making creative, delicious, and fun food. Whether you're looking to feed a department, a rehearsal dinner, a family reunion, or even a fancy Date Night in, we can put together a custom menu just for your event.

Are you are looking to explore food from a multi-faceted angle that incorporates history, technique, in-depth discussion of ingredients, and story-telling, our World At Home dinner series might just open your eyes to the wonders of world cuisine.

Or maybe an afternoon with your close friends sounds good. Our Afternoon Tea service transforms average tables into magical spaces filled with flowers and handmade sandwiches, pastries, cakes, and more.

Perhaps you would just like a way to spice up your home cooking? Check out our line of Chilli Oils. From zero-heat to "professional fire fighter," we have something that will suit your tastes... and tolerance for spice!