The World at Home

Traveling through time and space is easy... and delicious

And all this time, you thought you needed a time machine.

The World at Home dinner series started in 2015 with nothing more than a lot of reading, a few cooking shows, and a love of theater and food, and wanting to cook a fantastic meal for our friends.

The format was simple enough: a small group of hungry friends gather, mingle over some drinks (adult and otherwise), then sit down to a variety of courses based around a culinary theme. While you eat, the Hosts talk about the history of the food your eating and how things like trade, war, culture, climate, politics, and the passage of time have influenced the dishes.

Our first dinner, The American South, brought stories about our country and food from the 1800's until the present. Since then we've brought other cuisines "home" as well, with Small Town Thailand, A Brief History of Ireland in Three Courses, French Indo-China, A Tour of France in 7 Dishes, and Afghanistan Through the Eyes of My Mom.