The Spice of Life!

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Signature spicy garlic chilli oil

The one that started it all. Balanced, spicy, garlicky, spicy, and a depth of flavor you won't find in your average Chilli Oil. And it's spicy. Works great as both a condiment as well as an ingredient while cooking.

You know you're a pro when you bring your jar with you when you eat Pho or Ramen, or when you head out for Italian food.

dan's limited edition

Always experimenting, Dan tried blending different Chillis and flavors to come up with his Ltd Ed. Smokier than our Signature, with notes of caramel, and a long slow heat on the back end. Usually not quite as hot as Signature, but sometimes it'll surprise you.

Dan likes it best as a condiment on pizza and pasta dishes, and mixed with a spread for sandwiches.

love for the white folks

Dan's mom is what is known as "Scoville Adverse." That means that she can't handle any foods with a spice-level higher than black pepper. Enter our newest flavor: Love for the White Folks. "Love" has all the deliciousness of Signature and Ltd, but with ZERO HEAT. Notes of dried fruit, a little smokiness, and a whole lot of flavor. Works best as a condiment on your foods, but some folks use it as an ingredient. And when paired with Cheese Boards, you better believe it's elevating.